Track and save your money

What is Moneytorize?

Moneytorize is an innovative tool that lets you track and organize your expenses and incomes automatically by directly connecting to your digital bank account

More than +5.000 banks supported

Moneytorize is available with more than +5.000 banks around the world, connect to your savings with a click and track your cashflow automatically

Expenses and incomes automatically categorized

Moneytorize categorizes all your expenses and incomes in 5 main and more than a 100 subcategories. Check with a click the expenses for your house, clothing, transport and much more

Offline expenses in cash

With a simple and intuitive interface you'll be able to upload and check your cash expenses, integrated with your withdrawals and deposits from your bank if applicable

Is Moneytorize the correct tool for you?

You want to have a clear view of your day to day cashflow

You get to the end of the month or the year without a clear view on how you have spent your savings

You want to optimize your expenses and avoid wasting money

What is it about?

'Early Adopter' program

For a short amout of time Moneytorize's beta will be free to a small group of users, the Early Adopters. If you sign up now Moneytorize will be free forever!